Statement of Work (SOW) 2023



STATE FISCAL YEAR 2023 (JULY 1, 2022 to JUNE 30, 2023)
First year of two-year plan

Adopted March 10, 2022

The STATEMENT OF WORK, prepared in lieu of a Unified Planning Work Program* sets forth the total planning activities to be undertaken by the Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), during the fiscal year.

The Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council (hereafter known as “Council”) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Kokomo Urbanized Area. The Council was designated as the MPO on March 2, 1982. It succeeded the Kokomo-Howard County Administrative Committee and Technical Committee. They were created on February 14, 1964.

The Council consists of a Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee. The Policy Board is comprised of top elected officials from the City and County, the presidents of the City and County Plan Commission, as well as voting and non-voting representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. The Technical Advisory Committee is composed of senior officials from various agencies, departments, public transportation providers and boards involved in transportation affairs. Various City and County departments assist the Council’s staff. Additionally, the KHCGCC has a Citizens Advisory Committee for Alternative Transportation and Transit.

The STATEMENT OF WORK, in its basic formulation and structure, serves as a simplified guide to the total planning effort by describing who will perform the work and the work that will be accomplished. This STATEMENT OF WORK establishes programs to eliminate duplication of effort; inter-relates transportation planning, land-use planning, and other elements of the comprehensive planning process; and provides a basis for federal and state funding.

Funding for The STATEMENT OF WORK for SFY 2023 is reasonably expected to be available based on information provided by INDOT and the MPO Discretionary fund.

Adopted: KHCGCC Policy Board Resolution 2022-5

* In areas not designated as TMAs, the MPO, in cooperation with the State and transit operators, with the approval of the FHWA and the FTA, may prepare a simplified Statement of Work, in lieu of a UPWP, that describes who will perform the work and the work that will be accomplished using Federal funds. If a simplified Statement of Work is used, it may be submitted as part of the Statewide Planning Work Program, in accordance with 23 CFR part 420.111 (c).



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