Meet Our Staff

Meet the Kokomo Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council (KHCGCC) Team!

The Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council (KHCGCC) Staff under the guidance of the Director is responsible for administering the annual budget, coordinating consulting services and producing the Statement of Work. Other duties include the Transportation Improvement Program and the Long Range Plan. The Coordinating Council prepares documents consisting of traffic counting and other surveillance studies, transit monitoring and census supports as needed. The Council staff also performs Highway Performance Maintenance System (HPMS) monitoring along with management systems implementation.

Tammy Corn

Executive Director

Phone: 765-456-2338

Kim Bowdell


Phone: 765-456-2339

Leigha Hedrick

Transit Manager

Phone: 765-456-2337

Lane Edwards

Office Manager

Phone: 765-456-2336

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