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The Kokomo/Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council (KHCGCC) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) agency mandated under 23 CFR § 450.310 for the Metropolitan Planning Area.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Each Urbanized Area with a population of 50,000 or more is required by Federal Regulations to have a designated MPO with the responsibility of conducting a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process.

Transit - Local Public Transportation

The KHCGCC provides support and oversight for the City of Kokomo Public Transit agency. These public transit services include the City Line Trolley fixed route system and the Spirit of Kokomo Para-transit System.

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Annual List of Projects (ALOP) Public Involvement Opportunity

The Kokomo/Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council on behalf of the Indiana Department of Transportation invites you to review and comment on the Annual List of Obligated Projects – Fiscal Year 2022. ALOP-2022Download

Transportation in Kokomo

Spirit of Kokomo

Para-transit service that provides curb to curb service to those 60 years of age or older along with those who have a qualifying disability.

City Line Trolley

A free, fixed route public transportation system providing coverage to most education, retail and medical areas and services with over 250 stops.

Walk of Excellence

City of Kokomo’s multiple multi-modal pedestrian and bike paths thoughout our community to support safe passage and connectivity.


The Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Kokomo, Indiana urbanized area. The Council was designated as the MPO on January 23, 1981. It succeeded the Kokomo-Howard County Administrative Committee and Technical Committee. They were created on February 14, 1964.

The primary responsibility of the Coordinating Council (KHCGCC) is to carry out transportation planning responsibilities for the Kokomo Metropolitan Planning Area. This is an area bound by County Road 600 North, to County Road 500 South, County Road 500 West and County Road 500 East.

Finally, our mission is to work closely with the City of Kokomo and Howard County governments, local planning agencies, stakeholders, our federal partners and residents to provide a better quality of life for all. Planning efficient, safe, accessible multi-modal systems while maintaining economic vitality, safeguarding the environment and using the principles of Continuous, Cooperative and Comprehensive 3C planning process.

The Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee evaluates and approves proposed Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) projects along with public input into funding. KHCGCC conducts studies and assists local municipalities with planning activities. KHCGCC develops the City /County Long Range Transportation Plan serving approximately 70,000 people.

Public involvement in the Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council’s transportation planning process is invited and encouraged. Opportunities for public participation include all Policy Board meetings, Technical Advisory Committee meetings, and special hearings to discuss the Long Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program. You may also click on Contact Us to provide specific comments.

The Kokomo and Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council activities include, among other duties, the production of a 25 year Long Range Transportation Plan, a three year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a planning overall work program (Statement of Work) along with other important documents.

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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


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Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

KHCGCC Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2020-2045

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The Gas Tax

To see how Indiana’s gas tax is used to fund transportation, please watch this video

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